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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekly Devotion - July 22, 2012 - 8th Sunday after Pentecost - Lec 16B

Here is the Weekly devotion for the 8th Sunday after Pentecost, Lec 15B - July 22, 2012

Did you miss a week?  Go to the Weekly Devotion page to download past weeks!

Did you miss the page last week?  Need the service project information?  Keep reading!  We'll add the service projects in order week by week to the Devotion post.

Week 1 (July 8, 2012):
Make a list together of the things that regularly need to get done at home and who does them. Examples might be: taking out trash & recycling, laundry, setting/clearing the table, yard work, taking care of pets, picking up toys, etc. If you have young children try to think of even the most simple things like wiping off a table or counter. Talk about why it’s important that everyone helps and why the things on this list are important to your family. Now say a prayer of thanks for the things you need to do and for the people who do them. Post the list on the fridge or in a visible space. Next week a new thing will be done with the list!

Week 2:Get your list that you made last week.  Add to the list if you need to.  Have each person talk about one thing they did this week and how seeing it as service to one another influenced or changed the way they thought about the chore. Now do a chore switch. Each person pick a job that they normally do not do and offer to do it this week. The person who does do the job normally can show them how, give details about when to do this and any other information needed. For young children you can have them help you with something like wiping counters or setting silverware on table. Make a new list for this week of who is doing what new job.

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