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Monday, May 28, 2012

Children's Sermon Pentecost 1B John 3: 1-21 June 3, 2012

Scripture: John 3:1-21

Prep: For this children’s sermon you will need a blank white piece of paper, a pencil (no pens, markers, etc.) and a flashlight. On one side of the blank paper draw half of a heart. Flip the sheet, hold it up to the light so that you can see where you left off and then draw the other half. When you shine the flashlight from behind you will see a “whole heart.” You can also write the word LOVE with L-O on one side and V-E on the other. This must be done in pencil to be the most effective.

Faith + Gather: Invite the children to gather where you hold children’s time. Ask them about a time when they were looking for something in a dark closet, under a bed, etc. When it was dark could they see very much? What did they use to see better in those dark places? Tell them that you have a story about a man who came at night to see Jesus.

Faith +Share: John 3: 1-17 (18-21): Once there was a man named Nicodemus who was very important with the Jewish people, in fact he was a leader. He had heard of Jesus and wanted to find out if Jesus was God. Nicodemus asked Jesus lots of questions about being a part of God and how we become part of God. Jesus answered Nicodemus with the words of how much God loved all of the world and wanted to save everyone in the world. Even though it was night time and very dark as he and Nicodemus talked, Jesus was the light which shined the love of God to Nicodemus shining God’s love on him. Nicodemus was no longer in the dark about God! Jesus told him how much God loved Nicodemus and all of us! Jesus wants us to shine like lights with God’s love for everyone so that everyone can see ALL of God’s love! Look at this piece of paper I have (hold it so that they cannot see the back at all). What do you see? (Accept all answers, someone may even guess half a heart or half of the word “love.”) When I shine a light from behind what do you see? The whole heart or the whole word.  God’s love is like this in our lives; God’s love shines on us and through us so that ALL can see God’s love! What are some ways that God’s love “shines through” you? Maybe when you give a hug, or help at home…what else? (Accept all answers.) That’s right! God wants love to shine everywhere!

Faith+Prayer: Dear God, your love shines through us for the whole world to see! Help us to share your love so that no one is in the dark about you! Thank you for your Son who is the light of the world, amen.

Faith+Blessing: Let your light shine so that the love of God is everywhere!       

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