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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Children's Sermon Ascension of Our Lord Year B Luke 24:44-53

Scripture Focus: Luke 24:44-53  (note: this is the Gospel text for Thursday, May 17, Ascension of Our Lord.  Many churches read the ascension texts on the Seventh Sunday of Easter.  There will also be a Children’s Sermon posted using the texts appointed for Sunday, May 20.)

Preparation: Make a “to-do” list with the items: 1) Receive power from God. 2) Go to the temple and pray. 3) Go tell what you have seen.

Faith+Open:  As the children gather ask them, “Have you ever been left with a list of things to do?”  Maybe you get a list at home like, first you need to finish your dinner, then you need to clean up your room, then you can go play with your friends.  Guess what, the disciples got a list like that, too!

Faith+Share:  Today we are celebrating the Ascension of Our Lord.  That’s a big word, don’t you think?  Does anyone know what it means?  Wait for a few answers.  You guys are pretty smart!  Ascension means to go up.  It can also describe when someone gets more power or more responsibility.  Kings and queens ascend to the thrown when they become a kind or queen.  In the story of Jesus’ ascension he really does go up – up into the sky to be with God, but before he goes he leaves a “To-Do” list.

Right before he ascends, Jesus tells the disciples that they are the ones who know what happened in Jerusalem (what we know as the Easter story) and that they need to tell the story to other people.  Get out your list.  First, though, they have a few other things to do.  Jesus tells them to wait in the city until they have been “clothed with power from on high.”  That always makes me think of a super hero suit from God!  Like the disciples become super storytellers for God!  Storytellers who can baptize people, and heal the sick and injured, who can travel amazing distances and tell the story over and over.  Pretty cool, huh?  Then they go to the temple and bless God for the amazing gifts that God has given them.  Then they head out into the world to share the good news!  That story starts next week when we celebrate Pentecost.  So, this is our last chance this year to say this, Happy Easter!

Faith+Prayer:   Powerful God, we thank you for the gifts you give us.  Help us to use our gifts like the disciples did, by going out into the world and sharing the good news of Christ.  Amen

Faith+Blessing:   Remember what Jesus says to his disciples: Do not be afraid and peace be with you. +

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