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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

August Faith+Home Connection

The days are growing HOT and as we enter the month of August we can find ways to be in community together. This month Faith+Home Connection will get you connected with one another and with our global community. Use this at home, in a small group, as time with families in church community--however you see fit! If you use this leave a comment and tell us how! 

Faith +Devotion: Read 1 Corinthians 12: 12-31 in a children’s Bible. (In the Spark Bible the story can be found on page 542.)

For households with children: Play a game where you have to somehow get pillows (or other safe objects) across the living room. But here’s the catch! You can only use your legs! All of you can work together but each of you can only use legs. Try again using only shoulders or your head, etc. Then talk about how hard it is that only one body part could be used. How much easier would it have been to use several body parts together? How do our bodies work together to get us places and to help us have fun and do the things that we need to? Did God give each of us a special gift that no one else has? (Yes!) Can each of our gifts work together to get more done for God in the world?

For households with adults: Talk about how work gets done at your home, work or place of volunteer work. Is it hard to remember that you don’t have to do and be good at everything? How can we let other people’s gifts shine? Are we using our gifts in a way that works well with other people’s gifts?

Faith+Ritual: To remind ourselves this month that we are all part of the larger body of Christ and are each important in whatever role we play look for all of the ways that you are served everyday by those you know and those you don’t know. Every time someone serves you in anyway tell them “thank you for serving me today.” At the family meal time give thanks for those you served you that day-don’t forget each other!

Faith+ Service: Serving the people that we live with is a great way to foster servant attitude in every aspect of your life! Discuss ways that the people in your life serve each other whether they are in your immediate home or not. How can you work together? With children, ask them what they think they are good at around the house. It maybe simple things such as making their bed, clearing the table, feeding a pet, etc. Devise a simple chart on the computer to help remind them of the things that they can do to serve in the house. It is important for parents to let the children know the ways that they serve their children as well! Laundry, meals, scheduling doctor appointments, helping with homework are all ways that parents serve their children!

Outside the home service project: August is one of the hottest months of the year show your gratitude for your access to clean drinking water by donating to the ELCA water project! https://community.elca.org/netcommunity/page.aspx?pid=473  Only $12 buys a family six water jugs. Go to community.elca.org for more information!  

~Brigette Weier

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