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We want to communicate with you in all kinds of ways and so our postings will be many and varied! We do offer a weekly children's sermon and monthly Time Together devotional on a regular basis. You can find those through the archives as well as the Children's Sermons and Resources Tabs. We hope you will leave your comments and contribute to the networking of this site!

Consulting Services

Navigating through the journey of ministry together can be life giving and full of grace and it can be difficult water to tread. We love to work with people--individuals, education/youth teams, preschools, pastors, youth directors, you name it! We offer a sliding scale fee based on what your needs and time commitment. Perhaps you need someone to walk you through setting up a ministry team, or perhaps you are preschool director looking to integrate more fully with the affiliated church, or perhaps you simply need a one time workshop. Listed below are some services we have offered in the past. We are also always willing to customize a consultation. You can also read more about our backgrounds in the bios below.

Workshops: This is a sample list, other workshops can be customized for your needs.
Connecting Your Preschool Ministry--learn to connect your church and preschool, connect with your director/pastor, and discover resources.
Preschool Start Up--learn some ins and outs of starting a preschool ministry in your congregation
Preschool Staff Training Inservice--a variety of topics available meant to enhance the education of your preschool teaching team and aid in curriculum development and communication with families.
Together in Faith--adult-child faith formation curricula and experiences
Communion Class--cross+generational, all ages, hands on communion education
First Steps--you are ready to take the plunge into how a faith formation  journey might look like in your home or congregation... but where to start??? With us! We'll help you get on your way!

Consultation Services: These can be one time or ongoing in many formats--workshop series, meetings with ministry teams, one on one in person, by phone or by email.
Faith Formation Journeys
Early Childhood
Elementary through High School seamless ministry
In Your Home
Ministry Teams and Councils
Cross+Generational and Lifelong

Contact Us: letabehrens@gmail.com