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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Notes

Happy Valentine's Day! 
I was coming up with a game for my daughter's class party and found an idea on familyfun.com to write love notes from famous pairs to see if you can guess who wrote it and who received it. The first one is from their site but the rest are original works of love note art by myself and husband :-). See if you can figure them all out! Leave your guesses in the comments--write who it is FROM and then who it is TO (for example From: Romeo To: Juliet)! Have fun! I'll post the answers Tuesday!

1. "Dear Valentine,
I think you are beautiful even when covered in ashes and soot. I dream of taking you away from your evil stepmother's house. When you come to live in my castle, you will ride in royal carriages instead of pumpkins. I will give you anything you want in life, whether it's glass slippers or to be able to stay out later than midnight.
Your secret admirer" (this one only is from familyfun.com, the rest are original)

2. Dear Valentine,
I do not think you have figured out yet that I have a secret to share. I do adore you, even if you cannot rescue me from my tower. Never fear, I will find a way to rescue us both so we can be together and return to my castle…. But first I must brush my hair.
Love, Your Secret Admirer

3. Dear Valentine,
After being bit by the arachnid of love, I just can’t sling my web far enough to catch your attention. I hope soon we will be together and we can swing from building to building on a silk thread. Catch ya later!
Love, Your Secret Admirer

4. Dear Valentine,
The closer I am to you, the more attracted I am to you. The paper I have been attached to recently doesn’t pull me the way you do. I hope soon we’ll be stuck together.
Love, Your Secret Admirer

5. Dear Valentine,
I have been so lonely on this bread alone. Although I am sticky, I think we could be yummy together. I hope to see you at the counter, don’t spread yourself too thin!
Love, Your Secret Admirer

6. Dear Valentine,
Your red hair reminds me of a Valentine heart even though you do not notice me yet. I thought I should cast a spell, but my wand is broken in half and I do not want to turn you into a rat. I am so glad that we were sorted together and I hope to see you soon in the dining hall. Be careful, “you know who” might be watching!
Love, Your Secret Admirer

7. Dear Valentine,
I am on my way to rescue you. I just wanted to let you know that my levels of love for you never cease. I have stomped on the Gumba, ridden the Yoshi, and jumped over holes and been flushed down pipes. I will be victorious once I defeat your captor. You will know me by my mustache.
Love, Your Secret Admirer

8. Dear Valentine,
I am deeply sad to see you sleeping so deeply. The little men are sad as well and have not been able to go back to the mines. I will find a way to free you from the spell and then we will ride my white horse to a beautiful castle. I promise you will never have to eat an apple again.
Love, Your Secret Admirer

--By Leta Behrens and Rob Behrens, 2011


  1. 1.prince charming to Cinderella
    2.repunszel to prince
    3.spiderman to Mary
    4.refrigerator magnet to refrigerator
    5.peanut butter to jam
    6.herione to Ron Weesley
    7.Mario to princess peach
    8,prince to sleeping beauty

  2. I will play your game!
    1. From Prince Charming To Cinderella
    2. From Rapunzel To Prince Stefan
    3. From Spider Man To Mary Jane
    4. From Magnet To Refrigerator
    5. From Honey To Peanut Butter
    6. From To (google tells me this has something to do with Harry Potter but I haven't read the books or seen the movie!)
    7. From Mario To Princess Peach
    8. From Prince To Snow White

  3. Thanks for playing you two!

    Love Notes Answer Key

    1. From: Prince Charming To: Cinderella
    2. From: Rapunzel To: Prince
    3. From: Spiderman To: Mary Jane
    4. From: Paperclip To: Magnet
    5. From: Peanut Butter To: Jelly
    6. From: Hermione To: Ron--although I think this could also be Ginny to Harry Potter
    7. From: Mario To: Princess Peach
    8. From: Prince To: Snow White