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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Week Devotions--FREE PRINTABLE!

Fresh and HOT off the presses we have ready for you to print, copy and handout to whomever you so desire is a Christmas Devotion written for the final 5 days before Christmas (December 20-24). This is a devotion that homes and families of all shapes and sizes will find to be worth their time in spending a few minutes together each day of this week of Christmas. The link will take you to our googlesite where you can download the full document. Or use it online starting December 15th by looking at each day. Here is an overview:

Faith+Open--a ritual of lighting a candle, picking an ornament off your tree for your time together, and singing or listening to a Christmas song that fits the scripture for the day
Faith+Share--scripture and discussion prompts plus optional activities
Faith+Prayer--a prayer together
Faith+Blessing--a time to bless one another as the devotional time ends. 

We encourage you to use this in your home and share with others. For all you wonderful youth directors, children's ministers and pastors we encourage you to have this available for your congregations and visitors throughout Advent. 

We love feedback so let us know if you used it and what you thought!
Link to devotions and/or supplemental pages

+Blessings to you all this Advent and Christmas, 
Leta & Brigette

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