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Friday, November 5, 2010

Faith Formation Journeys Begins

Welcome! We are excited to be developing this blog resource for you! This promises to be more than a blog with some terrific insights from our brains--it is born out of a love for passing on faith, sharing ministry, and networking with as many fabulous, creative, inspiring people as we can. This site is born out of a desire to bring together ministry resources for parents, individuals, youth directors, children's ministers, pastors, anyone who is teaching, aspiring, or just wants to jump on board a faith formation journey!

Many times over the past few years I have heard friends and colleagues say, 'yes I know I should read that/know that/go to that but I just don't know which things are best or which ones to pick because I cannot do it all.' Of course you cannot do it all and you don't need to. But figuring out what might meet your needs is half the battle. This site will provide curriculum, journal, and book reviews, information on events, great links, current research and articles, inspiring stories, consulting resources, and more. The goal is to provide you with a ministry resource that is is quick, to the point, and something you can look at with your morning cup of coffee or anytime of day. 

We hope that you will check in frequently and share your comments and your ideas about what you would like to see or know about. You are also welcome to email us with your own ideas, reviews, and inspirations! Share this blog with friends! Bookmark it! And make it a daily or weekly stop as your first source for resource!
Leave a comment telling us either how we can get you linked in and/or what book or other resource you would like to know more about! Comment by November 30 and you will be entered in a drawing to win Norma Cook Everist's book The Church As Learning Community.

+Leta & Brigette

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